Bygherre, er du klar til digitaliseringen af dine byggeprojekter?

Posted by susanne lund on Jul 27, 2020 10:31:52 AM

Der er heldigvis mange digitaliseringsinitiativer i gang i dag i byggebranchen – heriblandt forståelsen af hvorfor og hvordan, samt om hvilke krav en bygherre kan og må stille for optimering af data og digitale leverancer.

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BIM7AA is now a core standard

Posted by susanne lund on Jun 19, 2020 12:45:20 PM


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BIM7AA som grundstruktur

Posted by susanne lund on Jun 9, 2020 9:50:50 AM


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Posted by susanne lund on May 6, 2020 3:01:00 PM


Despite ever-increasing digitization of construction, contractors are still not getting a real overview of all phases, models, actors and building data in the projects. Therefore, the potential for minimizing risk and automating project, supplier, procurement and classification management with effective digital technology is enormous.

Our intelligent cloud platform Spine ensures and qualifies building data based on several classifications. Furthermore, it secures a solid foundation for digital time and project management, deliveries and realistic project calculation based on project models.

Useful classification – overview from day one

The Spine platform automates the work of defining and classifying building elements. Spine ensures that both the contractor achieve a uniform data structure with full transparency across all actors, models, dimensions, and phases in a building. Spine thus breaks down the traditional silos that traditionally burden the entire economy. Our solution can help the dilemma where each actor sits on important information without sharing it.


“It is essential that we can upgrade data across the project partners and thereby continuously give the client more accurate calculations. Without Spine’s technology, we had to make all type encodings and calculations manually in Excel. It would be incredibly heavy, complicated and subject to considerable error risk ”


- Nicolai Thomsen, VDC Project Manager, Aarsleff


Data quality provides precise economic control

On both large and small projects, massive efficiency gains can be harvested when everyone uses the same data structure for building subcodes, types, and properties. Spine upgrades data across project partners and creates a direct link between project models and price calculation. Spine makes it possible to follow the price consequences of ongoing project adjustments and provides more accurate estimates. In the end, it reduces your risk and provides more proper financial management.


Eliminates manual processes


Spine automatically cleans up raw models and puts a stable data structure and classification on the overall project – across all project actors. In this way, the spine platform breaks up with manual type coding and calculations in Excel. This task, which is heavy, complicated and often subject to high error risk, is better off avoided.


Full control with deliveries

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BIM og data for architect and engineer

Posted by susanne lund on May 6, 2020 2:43:00 PM

Standardization of data and models

Standardization of data, models, and information is one of the significant challenges for construction consultants. At design studios and engineering offices, many projects are handled with an unstructured approach to defining and managing building data – and properties in the plans.

In spite of increasing digitization in the construction industry, it is still challenging to create an overview of phase, models and building data across competencies, parties, and projects. It difficult to quality assure information from the project to project and utilize the synergies that digital tools open up. The result is unnecessarily large time and resource consumption on the consultant side.

Projectspine® makes it possible to upgrade all building data quickly and efficiently. Based on a given classification the spine platform automatically enriches data and models with correct information, properties, and ID coding. It creates a solid foundation for knowledge sharing, communication and the exchange of accurate information. Furthermore minimizing data conflicts and heavy manual work in Excel.

Safe knowledge sharing and increased buildability

Spine builds an efficient digital cloud on top of the company’s project libraries and standards. Everything packed into a common standard item such as the CCS classification or an Iso standard. It gives full clarity of building data and a uniform classification from day one, thereby creating an effective platform for knowledge sharing with a complete overview for all employees. It makes it easier to make the right decisions early in the process, and increases the buildability of the individual project and promotes efficient construction.

Efficiency gains and easy compliance

The spine platform delivers efficiency gains by digitizing and aligning data. This ensures easy handover between the building parties – across all BIM models, proprietary standards and tools. When all parties in the project automatically use the same data structure for sub-codes, types, and properties, it is easy to control users, information and processes at all stages and in accordance with everything from delivery requirements and sustainability to efficient operation and maintenance.


“The development around BIM we have seen in the last 10-12 years has not yet given the expected gains. So far, the building actors have focused on their processes and seen for isolation on function instead of integration. It means that much of the data that crosses the construction process lags behind the practical use of BIM. However, there is an increasing recognition that data integration must flow better”.

- Christian Koch, Professor Chalmers University of Technology

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Building owner

Posted by susanne lund on May 6, 2020 2:36:00 PM

Building owners

On most projects, it is easy to lose track of all actors in the project. The problem is often that results collide because of model differences and actors using different ways to classify building parts. The lack of fulfillment of ICT requirements is also often a significant problem in building projects.

With Spine better digital integration and classification streamlines and reduces costs for you. Using Spine secures the entire construction process and the subsequent operation.

Overview and transparency ensure the overall project economy

Transparent and summary are the keywords of any building project. With Projectspine®, you as a building owner are guaranteed that all players can coordinate and exchange data in real-time and across production platforms.

You are ensured a stable data structure, transparency, and one overall overview of all actors, models, dimensions, and phases in a building. With Spine, you avoid the traditional silos, where each actor sits on important information which is not shared.


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Posted by susanne lund on May 6, 2020 11:51:49 AM

Trods stadig større digitalisering af byggeriet slås entreprenører stadig med at få et reelt overblik over alle faser, modeller, aktører og byggedata i projekterne. Derfor er potentialet for at minimere risiko og automatisere styring af projekter, leverandører, indkøb og klassificering med effektiv, digital teknologi enormt.

Projectspines intelligente cloudplatform ensarter og kvalificerer byggedata med afsæt i klassifikation og sikrer et solidt grundlag for digital tid- og projektstyring, leverancer og realistisk projektkalkulation ud fra projektmodeller. Digital data management eliminerer manuelle processer og sikrer fuld kontrol, smidig overlevering samt værdifuld vidensdeling. Og så nedbryder det de klassiske siloer.

Effektiv klassifikation – overblik fra dag ét
Spine-platformens automatiserer arbejdet med at definere og klassificere bygningsdele. Det sikrer, at både entreprenør, bygherre, arkitekt og øvrige rådgivere opnår én ensartet datastruktur med fuld transparens på tværs af alle aktører, modeller, dimensioner og faser i et byggeri. Projectspine nedbryder dermed de klassiske siloer, der traditionelt belaster den samlede økonomi fordi, hver aktør sidder og holder på vigtig information.

Datakvalitet giver præcis økonomisk styring
På både store og mindre projekter kan der høstes store effektivitetsgevinster, når alle anvender samme datastruktur for bygningsdelskoder, -typer og -egenskaber. Spine opkvalificerer data på tværs af projektets parter og skaber en direkte kobling mellem projektmodeller og priskalkulation. Det gør det muligt at følge de prismæssige konsekvenser af løbende projektjusteringer og leverer mere præcise kalkulationer. I sidste ende reducerer det din risiko og giver mere præcis økonomisk styring.

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Posted by susanne lund on May 6, 2020 10:28:43 AM

Trods tiltagende digitalisering i byggeriet kniber det stadig med at skabe overblik over faser, modeller og byggedata på tværs af kompetencer, parter og projekter. Det gør det svært at kvalitetssikre information og udnytte de synergier, som digitale værktøjer åbner op for. Resultatet er unødigt stort tids- og ressourceforbrug.

I dag forventes det, at rådgiverne har styr på, hvem der har gjort hvad, og hvilke informationer den enkelte aktør har adgang til. Derfor er fuld kontrol med sporbarhed og informationssikkerhed afgørende for, at du som rådgiver kan træffe effektive og korrekte beslutninger.

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Posted by susanne lund on May 6, 2020 9:33:10 AM

På de fleste projekter mangler bygherrer typisk et samlet overblik over alle aktører i projektet. Derfor kommer de på kollisionskurs, bl.a. på grund af modelforskelle og forskellige måder at klassificere bygningsdele på. Også manglen på indfrielse af IKT-krav er et stort problem på projekterne.

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Posted by susanne lund on May 5, 2020 4:07:43 PM

Klassifikation i byggeprojekter og hvorfor er det så vigtigt. 

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